Group Events

Obviously, we have a "turn up and play" facility (subject to space) but we understand that some of you will want to book in a group.

We would love for you to hold your birthday party, hen/stag do, Christmas or team building events etc with us.

Although we will not be holding kids birthday parties as such (laser tag parties are available next door at Kidz Planet for this) you are able to book in a group, bring a cake and order food and drink from our cafe. We offer "buckets" of chips and freshly-made pizza and chicken chunks.

Private Hire is also an option - we are closed Sunday -Wednesday and so can offer "exclusive bookings" between 6 and 9pm or ask about our "late night lock-ins", any day of the week between 9 and 11pm?

If you are interested in a regular weekly/monthly meet-up we will be having "league and ladder" events... please email your interest!

If you have any ideas or suggestions we are always happy to consider/tailor to individual themes/parties.